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Puri’s Bangkok Outings: Director’s Double-Tongued Talk

Puri Jagannadh Bangkok Outings Director Maruthi Double-Tongued TalkWe hear a lot of stories about writers and directors who go to scenic locations to write stories for their upcoming movies. Puri Jagannadh is notoriously famous for his Bangkok outings in the name of story-sittings. What is filmmaker Maruthi’s opinion on such camps?

Maruthi gave an elaborate explanation on how some directors, writers and music directors try to exploit the money of the producers and entertain themselves in the name of writing stories or composing tunes. These are the same people who wrote a story or composed tunes sitting without any scenic locations.

He means to say they are enjoying at the cost of the producers. He might be right. But, when the topic came to Puri, he backed the director and said Puri is totally justified in going to Bangkok for story-sittings. According to Maruthi, Puri doesn’t while away his time and completes writing a story within four to five days. That’s why producers ask Puri to go to Bangkok as he doesn’t cheat them. This is truly double-tongued approached, isn’t it?


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