Akash-Puri---Puri-JagannadhPuri Jagannath and Bangkok are inseparable. Though Puri gave a clarification of what is exactly the reason behind him visiting Bangkok regularly, the relationship between the director and the city has always been suspected. If father’s confession was not enough, his son clarifies the same yet again.

By now we all know that Puri loves to write his stories for the films on the beachside of Bangkok where an old family assists him there. Asked by an interviewer, Puri’s son Akash said exactly the same thing that Puri said. He told that Puri wouldn’t be able to concentrate here due to various tensions and hence he goes away from all the regular stress to Bangkok to fully concentrate and finish his stories and come back.

Bangkok is not only a place for massages or a spot of enjoyment as shown in his father’s Chirutha, but also a good place where good families live and peaceful place as Akash says. Father and son stood on the same answer for the most asked question. Well, coming to Mehbooba, the debut of Akash under the father’s direction, the film had a lot of expectations on and yet has settled as yet another flop in Puri’s list.