Puri Jagannath Disappointed Mahesh Babu Behavior, Puri Jagan Upset Mahesh Behaviour, Puri Upset Mahesh Behaviour, Puri Irritated Mahesh Babu Jana Gana ManaWhen Puri Jagannadh is going all out promoting his films or giving interviews for new movie launches, he usually generates a lot of heat for his frank and straight forward opinions.

He has once again created a hot mess and this time it is involving Superstar Mahesh Babu. The director had announced long ago, not one but two films for Mahesh Babu, one of them even had an official poster released. But, nothing is known about this film after that. When the director was repeatedly asked about this he finally took the bait and in frustration says it openly that Mahesh Babu shouldn’t waste his time.

A yes or no would be enough making things clear, adds the director. He would be happy with whatever the response is and would then go ahead with his work without having to think of the star in his mind. Is Mahesh Babu listening?