Puri Is No Rajamouli, Vijay Deverakonda?Vijay Devarakonda is still a Tier 2 star and has a decent fan following. He will be making his Bollywood debut with Liger which is being directed by Puri Jagan and Karan Johan is backing it.

The film has been in the making for the last two and half years and it is very hard to understand why. There was Covid but Liger is a simple action drama that does not need big dates or huge set work. Why is it getting delayed so much? this is the big question everyone wants to ask Puri and Vijay.

Puri Jagan is known to make his films quite fast but as Liger is a Pan-India film, things are getting delayed he says. But Puri is no Rajamouli to waste so much time and still get a hit. In this gap, Puri would have surely made two films. He too has gone through a rough patch and only Ismart Shankar gave him a breather. If Liger does not click, he too will be at the crossroads.

Also, the boxing drama will release in August 2022 and until then fans have to wait but with no option. What if the film fails? All those years of hard work that Vijay has put into his transformation will get wasted.

Vijay’s next film after Liger is with Sukumar and that will only release in 2024. He needs to do one more film in this gap. Stars like Nani are doing three films a year and are still trying different stuff.

An upcoming star like Vijay Devarakonda needs to do more films in their career to be in the public eye. The same is the opinion of his fans and the public on social media. Vijay is keeping himself busy with a few Ads but that is not the way.

If Liger works, Vijay Devarakonda will surely go to the next level. But if things go haywire it will be a huge risk and there will be someone who will take his place.