Puri competes with Trivikram ?
Everybody calls Srinivas Trivikram as a ‘Mantala Mantrikudu’ but Puri Jagannath is also equally known as the best dialogue writer though he is mostly considered as director. Mr.Jagannath who is celebrating his 47th birth day today gives utmost importance for the dialogues and comedy. That is why dialogues in his movies are remembered for years together compared to Trivikram’s movies in which dialogues are enjoyed only in theatres.

Mr.Jagannath observes the society carefully and uses common man language for characters in the movies. In his first directorial venture Badri, the dialogues between Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj were received very well. Audience still remember the famous dialogue “Nuvvu Nandavaite…Nenu Badri..Badrinath’. Mahesh utters punch dialogues such as ‘Nenu enta edavano nake Teliyadu’, Yevadu kodite mind block ayi dimmatirugutundo vade pandugadu’ in Pokiri movie. Dailogues in ‘Gangato Rambabu’ were well received by audience.

However such dialogues could not be heared in Puri’s latest movie Allu Arjun’s‘Iddarammailato’ though the songs are famous in the movie. Fans are expecting mind blowing dialogues in Heart Attack movie in which Nitin is playing a lead role. Let us wish a happy birthday to Puri Jagannath who brought stardom to directors in the new millennium.