Sridevi puli movie interviewThere is a lot of discussion on Sridevi’s remuneration for ‘Puli’ and we know that she filed a case against the producers for not paying her the Rs.50 lakh due. The producers of ‘Puli’ responded that Sridevi was already paid Rs.3 Crores as remuneration and her husband asked for extra for Telugu and Hindi dubbing versions of the film.

Puli producers say that they are in a loss because of the film’s performance and also the IT raids. They thanked hero Vijay for giving them extra 50 days for shooting the film and also for discounting their remuneration in the last installment. Not only Vijay, Sudeep and Shruti Haasan too discounted their remuneration.

Besides the IT raids and flop talk, the film didn’t get tax free status, which also added to the losses of the makers of the movie. Producers allege that it was Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor who told them that Sridevi has good market in Hindi and hence they released in Hindi which further added to the losses.

They finally declared that they aren’t in a position to pay the dues for Sridevi. It’s upto Sridevi now whether to discount her remuneration or not. This particular episode isn’t going to earn her any thing good as she is already branded as giving importance to money rather than content.