Public Talk: Rajamouli Shouldn't Have Shown Charan as Alluri!Rajamouli has made it 12 in 12 with RRR. The film got off to a record breaking start at the box office. Here is an interesting update so as to why Rajamouli shouldn’t have shown Ram Charan as Alluri Seetharama Raja, not quite literally though.

Charan has gotten his bang on point in the role of mighty Alluri Seetharama Raju. His portrayal of the legendary freedom fighter has garnered a very positive response from all quarters.

However, Charan’s Alluri Seetharama Raju look shouldn’t have been shown ahead of the release. The common opinion is that Rajamouli should have kept Charan’s Alluri look as a surprise for the big screens. But instead, Rajamouli showed Charan’s look in the trailer and also in a couple of special posters.

Netizens now opine that the impact of Charan’s Alluri look went down slightly as the audience would have already watched this avatar multiple times in the trailer. Had they directly scene in which Charan first makes his entry as Alluri (in the climax), the auditorium would have erupted. Not that they aren’t now, but the impact would have been more had it been a surprise.

Same with the action shot, in which NTR and Charan catapult over a watchtower. This was also shown in the trailer.

That said, RRR suffered a fair bit due to multiple postponements. So, Rajamouli had to include adrenaline pumping shots in the trailer. We can’t complain about him using the Alluri shot in the trailer or other promotional material.