Over Public display of affection and romance have become a common sight between young couples in Hyderabad at various public places. The couples bunk colleges and most flood parks and historical monuments. These places are pocket friendly for couples who are mostly college students or job hunters. However unlike the Police of other states, cops of Hyderabad say they have very little time for moral policing on these couples which at times misfire and become headache for police.

However there are demands as well for the Police to intervene in such cases as some couples are resorting to obscene romance in these places which are mostly visited by children. Neglecting the culture can have a bad impact on the budding generation. However Police say instead of moral policing they will react on obscene romance on complaints. They are more focused on cracking down on Prostitution rackets who are in hunt for potential clients at these places.It is said that special teams have been deployed at these places to crack down prostitution rackets.