In a scoop of the century, it had come out that Malayam actress Swetha Menon had accused none other than senior Congress MP Peethamabara Kurup of groping her at a public function in kerala. However, Menon later withdrew her complaint which raised quite a few eyebrows. Despite this, Swetha maintains that it was not a publicity stunt. She claims that she withdrew her case on humanitarian grounds since she was trying to give dignity to MP Peethamabara Kurup’s age. She was not pressurized into doing anything.

As for the resulting controversy, the bold actress, who has also allowed her child’s delivery to be filmed for a scene in the direction of Blessy’s Malayalam film Kalimannu, said that she had never intended to create the whole controversy. All she wanted was that her ordeal should come out in the public domain since it was a nightmarish experience and she wanted the misdeed exposed.