PSPK28 Pawan Kalyan - Harish Shanar - Mythri Movie MakersAfter PSPK27, the next big thing in line with Pawan Kalyan is PSPK28. It is the star’s second outing with director Harish Shankar. After a small gap, there is an update regarding the project. A classic combo has been locked for the mass entertainer with a message.

Renowned art director Anand Sai is back to movies with PSPK28. Anand Sai has been busy with temple work over the past few years and didn’t commit to any film. PSPK28 will mark his comeback.

Anand Sai worked as an art director in the past for many Pawan Kalyan movies. He is the man behind Tholiprema, Tammudu, Badri, Kushi, and Jalsa’s fabulous artwork. As one can see, there are many classics on the list. He will be hoping to create something similar with PSPK28, as well.

The Mythri Movie Production will go on to sets in the last quarter of the year. It will happen once Pawan Kalyan is free from PSPKRana and is in the final stages of PSPK27 (the movie with Krish).

Both PSPK27 (with Krish) and PSPK28 will be the big releases from Pawan Kalyan in 2022. They are backed by big banners and will be the costliest movies (budget-wise) in Pawan Kalyan’s career.

The makers are targeting May 2022 to release PSPK28. It is in May 2012 that Pawan Kalyan and Harish Shankar delivered memorable Gabbar Singh. They want to celebrate a decade with another feast of a movie for the fans.