The Wlidlife Photographer Ram CharanRam Charan made news for a lot of things including the latest achievement of his as an actor to have been awarded Filmfare’s best actor for Rangastalam and also for his wild photography skills. Charan’s excellency apart from acting has been made clear in wild photography that saw the light recently.

Now the actor speaks about how his acting rubbed off his photography. The actor who is playing Alluri Seetaramaraju signing off one of the picture with a pride of lions that he clicked says he discovered the passion for photography since he was 10 and now he loves to capture those moments and emotions like a lion protecting it’s cubs and more that he captured in his mind and then can.

The actor is currently busy with his epic project RRR and meanwhile decided to put up his other skill into the light which the fans are loving for what multi talented he is. It is quite inspiring to see our stars achieving various passions of themselves which keeps the person alive from inside.