Follow-up-for-Nani-Sri-Reddy-'Dirty-Picture'Unlike the Telugu Industry folks, an actor by name Varahi of Indian Makkal Mandram had made prostitution charges. This is an old news and we know that he wanted action to be taken against Sri Reddy for sleeping with several people for the sake of getting offers.

Sri Reddy dismissed the prostitution allegations saying that technically she wasn’t paid money for sharing the bed with the individuals and said that it’s not called prostitution as no money was involved. Moreover, several reports even read that she was arrested on prostitution charges which she slammed, big way.

Sri Reddy’s version has it that she wasn’t even given food to eat after satisfying the sexual desires of the people she had allegedly shared the bed. The controversial actress opined that a master plan is being hatched on her and she is presently confused. The valid question she put forward is, if she is a prostitute, where is the man who used her? Sri Reddy asked, “Don’t they need to be exposed when she is alleged to be a prostitute?”