Promotions do the trick for Kotha Janta

Allu Sirish and Regina starrer Kotha Janta has opened all over yesterday. And fortunately for Allu Sirish the opening of the film has saved him from an embarrassment for the second time. As we all know the actor debut film Gauravam had opened to absolutely dismal numbers at the box office. The numbers were shocking and sensationally low.

In fact there is a talk in the trade that Kotha Janta on its first day might have collected more than three fourths or even equaled what Gauravam collected in its entire run. Excellent round the clock promotion and presence of a director like Maruthi who has created a brand of his own are cited as the reasons for this reasonably good opening for the film. But the real test would begin today when the film has to survive on its content with the brands taking a backseat.