Stars doing TV shows might see a big boost in Telugu film industry post the stupendous success of Nagarjuna’s Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu. But it is already a big trend in other industries like Hindi and Kannada. It is with respect to stars hosting TV shows that the Kannada film industry is facing a unique problem which is forcing the producers to threaten these stars from doing these shows all together.

Top stars in Kannada film industry do Television shows and they have been generating quite good TRP’s as well. These are directly effecting the collections of Kannada films and if this trend continues further the movies have to be pulled out from theaters due to lack of attendance feel the exhibitors. Kannada film industry already faces severe threat due to other language films and if this is what happens within industry, it would be a major blow to all in industry, thus these threats. Luckily Telugu film industry has so far not reached to this level of threat but if few more shows achieve the level of success like MEK did, TFI could be facing similar issues don’t you think?