Tollywood movies are becoming very popular in the Hindi film industry because of which there will be lots of remakes of Tollywood movies this year. Some of these upcoming films are ‘Simha’, ‘Dhookudu’, ‘Arya 2’, ‘Kanchana’, ‘Indra’, ‘Prayanam’ etc. Word is that the leading production companies in Tollywood like Vyjayanthi Movies and 14 Reels now wish to co-produce rather than selling the rights of their films.

‘Dhookudu’, originally a Mahesh Babu starrer, will probably feature Ajay Devgn in the lead role of its remake. But reports say that the producers of ‘Dhookudu’ haven’t sold the film’s rights yet and Koti, a member of 14 Reels, says that they plan to produce the remake jointly. Bollywood actors like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are keeping an eye out to make sure they have some of the remakes in hand.