Producers & Heroes Narrate Horror Stories Of This HeroineShe is a top heroine in the Telugu film industry with an immense following in some directors. More than anything else, she is famous for her tantrums. Irritated by her behavior, stars are not interested in her but the directors want her. The actress was last seen with a young star.

Everyone has forgotten the movie now but the team still remembers the horror stories with the actress. She would trouble the production team big time with her indiscipline. She would never adhere to the time and would bring a battalion of support staff from Mumbai demanding Five Star accommodation, Business class tickets, and costly food.

Even on sets, she would not come out of her caravan even though even one including the actor is ready. While this is the case with the shoot, the promotions are bigger horror. She wants solo posters and has them on her name (XXX in and as ____) saying that she is a bigger star than the hero.

She is in the city for at least two promotional events of the film but would not attend. However, she would not say No. Her staff would say she is coming in a few minutes but would keep the team waiting forever. If you think all these tantrums are because it is the film of a young hero, you are wrong.

She is also a part of a big film in a small way. She has a song with a big star. The song was planned to complete in three days but it took eight days thanks to her. She goes on to say to everyone that the song shoot got delayed due to the star. But the film is the star’s own production and why would he do that?