Producer-Targets-Star-Heroes-@Allu-Arjun's-Press-MeetOf late, the Tamil Film Industry is undergoing a lot of changes whether it is with regard to the fight against piracy or the recently concluded strike by the Tamil Film Producers Council. When producer Gnanavel Raja graced the press-meet event of Allu Arjun’s ‘En Peru Surya En Veedu India’, he touched upon another controversial issue.

He compared the remuneration of the star heroes in the Telugu Film Industry and the Tamil Film Industry bringing out the stark difference between the remuneration of the star heroes. He remarked that a Telugu hero who has Rs. 100 crore market charges Rs. 15 crores while a Tamil star hero with the same market is charging Rs. 50 crores.

So, he used the stage to make an appeal to the Tamil star heroes to cut short on their remuneration. He further elevated Telugu films saying that they have a huge market in the Northern States of our country and also the quality of the films look rich. What will the star heroes have to say about this? Let’s see. Presently, Gnanavel Raja is producing Vijaya Deverakonda’s Telugu-Tamil bilingual ‘NOTA’.