vakkantham vamsi stolen scriptMaintaining ghost writers or stealing the story idea from others and making changes to project it as their own, is one of the main complaints we hear in film industry. Some incidents prove that plagiarism is rampant. Writer Vakkamtham Vamsi also had faced several such incidents though he is a popular writer.

In a recent interview, the writer candid revelation tells us how a producer stole the idea of his script and making it with some changes without his permission. The film is in pre-production stage and Vamsi is going to fight against his script being made into a film without his acceptance.

Earlier too, a director too stole his idea and narrated the story to the producer but Vamsi fought for it and got the writing credits in his name. Opening up on the remake rights of ‘Kick’, Vamsi tells that his story was sold for remake without his permission and he didn’t get a penny for the same. But he is confident that he will get it for ‘Race Gurram’ if it goes for a remake.