Stardom comes with a package and in the male-dominated industry, no one complains about the tantrums a star hero throws on the sets of a film, but when the same happens with a female superstar, people start talking.

Don’t know whether the allegations made by producer K Rajan are true but, his allegations seem to be one-sided. For the unversed, the producer alleged that Lady Superstar Nayantara brings 6-7 personal assistants to the sets of her film.

The producer of the movie has to bear their salaries along with other expenses that come around Rs. 80,000 per day. He seems to be very angry, especially on Nayantara.

He didn’t make these allegations after the first-hand experience rather from the account of others whom he trusts. Nayantara has always been a private person though she belongs to the glamour industry.

So, let’s see if she comes out to refute the allegations made by the Tamil producer. On the work front, she has been doing great with performance-oriented roles in female-oriented films and, also essaying insignificant roles in big films like ‘Darbar’.