Naga-Vamsi-Avatar-2-Review-Movie-TweetAvatar 2 is heading for a great number on its first day in India. A huge chunk of the collections is coming from the Telugu states. Some people are loving it, while some are just saying except for visual effects there’s not much in the film.

However, Producer Naga Vamsi of Sithara Entertainments’ fame, has made a tweet on the film which has gone viral. He wrote, ”James Cameron orders us to watch a Marine biology documentary. And because it is 3D and him, it is a “Visual Spectacle”! All we are allowed to say is “Mastercraft” and “Blockbuster”, anything else, Na’vi won’t accept “.

When larger-than-life films like Avatar are released, there’s always a section of the audience who despite not liking the film much, don’t accept it publicly due to some social stigma that they will be trolled by a few who will say, “How can you not like a James Cameron film or a Steven Spielberg film? Do you know filmmaking more than him?”

It looks like Naga Vamsi’s tweet is to represent those sections of the audience. It is commendable that, Naga Vamsi, boldly put his thoughts about Avatar 2, without caring about the repercussions on social media.