Producer Natti KumarThe sensational 2017 drugs case is shaking Tollywood. Earlier this week, Puri Jagannadh, Charmme, and Rakul Preet Singh were grilled by the Enforcement Directorate as a part of the investigation to figure out if they are involved in any sort of money laundering in connection with the drugs case.

Speaking about the same, noted Telugu film producer Natti Kumar made an interesting remark.

“Every time there is a drug probe, the fingers are pointed towards film celebrities. Everyone should give a serious thought so as to why cine celebrities are always linked to drugs case. A thorough investigation needs to be carried out to determine the facts regarding the same,” Natti Kumar said.

The outspoken producer went on to say that managers of happening actors are minting crores by hiking the remunerations of actors for their own personal gains.

“A few managers should be investigated in connection with the drugs case. If concerned authorities take a loot at the bank transactions of these managers, they might find evidence related to drugs trade,” he concluded.

At a time when Tollywood is mulling over the drugs case, Natti Kumar is implying that there is indeed drugs menace in Tollywood.