Priyanka Chopra gets 6 Cr for 7 minutes appearanceWe don’t know how your new year going to begin but we can for sure say how Priyanka Chopra is going to begin her new year with a big fat cheque tightening her purse further. Priyanka Chopra is apparently going to be paid a hopping 6 Cr for a performance that would last approximately seven minutes. This is a function that will happen in Chennai on the occasion of New Year. Previously Mallika Sherawat was in news for such exuberant price being paid for her.

Actors performing on the eve of a new year, is nothing new, in fact actors performing and earning at big parties is not new in India but what is a revealing thing here is the fact that such huge amounts are being shelled to get actor’s or celebrities to performance for such functions or parties. Actor’s not just of Priyanka Chopra’s ilk but even much smaller ones get paid handsomely by the interested parties and organizers for such events and parties. Given the short duration of fame the actor’s mostly enjoy, one can’t help but understand their plight as well. They have to, after all, make hay while the sun shines.