Priyanka Chopra asks why not ban KamasutraActress Priyanka Chopra recently attended a press conference for one of the brands that she is associated for and speaking to media she had few hard words to say on some of the questions asked. When a journo asked if movies are the reason for the increase in violence and crimes against women, the actress said that if that is the case we should shut down temples like Ajantha and Ellora and also ban the book Kamasutra in India.

The actress once again reiterated that films are meant for entertainment and that is how it should be seen. Just like poetry, filmmaking too is an art and unlike poetry filmmaking goes through a process of certification which means if it has any problem or issues it will be addressed. We have laws in our country but it’s the implementation where the problem lies as people don’t fear for these laws due to lack of implementations. Government and media should look into that aspect rather than blaming the films for everything, the actress concluded.