Priyamani wants to explore all types of films

She has been best considered for effortlessly pulling off women-centric roles, with Chandi being her latest. But Priyamani as actress wants to do all types of films and doesn’t mind romancing a hero in Switzerland once in a while. She said since the probably of an actor getting typecast is high in our industry, it’s important for her to variate her roles.

Priyamani is usually called the dark horse of south Indian films, and she doesn’t mind the term because she earned it through her acting prowess. She said as long as she gets to play different roles on screen, she doesn’t mind being called names. Priya believes it’s very important to mix roles up to prove to the audience that she can do all types of roles but not only performance-oriented roles.

Chandi was her latest release and she has made it very clear that for at least year or two she won’t do any film with action. Because audiences have recently seen her doing action, she wants to surprise them by doing something different.