Priyamani Reveals Top Secret About TarunTollywood young hero Tarun’s alleged relationship with deceased actress Aarti Agarwal was discussed much in cine circles when they were said to be seeing each other. But, not much about the gossip that was in circulation which was related to Tarun and Priyamani.

In a talk show hosted by Tollywood, recently Priyamani revealed that there had been a gossip written in a Tamil magazine that Tarun is going to be engaged to Priyamani, his mother Roja Ramani was okay with the proposal and hence approached the actress for the engagement.

Even the Innova car she purchased was said to be a wedding gift from Tarun. Though she was furious when she had to respond to the rumor, Priyamani still enjoys the joke with Tarun, who is her good friend. She teases him, “Why an Innova? You could have gifted something more expensive as the rumor mills wrote that you gifted me an expensive car.” Priyamani bought the car for herself, it wasn’t a gift from Tarun.