Priyamani enthralls fans even in darknessStarry tantrums are nothing new for the people in the business. The bigger the star the bigger their tantrums and attitude, so, it was refreshing to see someone like Priyamani behave so coolly at a recent inauguration event in Chennai. The actress went to Coimbatore to inaugurate a saloon shop there and unfortunately the actress had to face power issues there. The actress without any fuss went about her work with a smile on her face. She inaugurated the saloon in the darkness itself. What more she even interacted with fans and press n the darkness itself and never ever did she feel awkward or embarrassed about it.

The local people as well as media have been completely taken by aback by this behavior from the star as they are used to high egos of starlets. Well Priyamani might not be winning at box office with her films but she surely is making up for it with the off screen behavior by winning people over.