Priyamani-Back-to-Tollywood-with-a-ComplaintThe actress has filed a complaint with Movie Artists Association against the makers of an upcoming Telugu movie titled ‘Angulika’. Priyamani’s image was reportedly used by the makers in the film’s logo though the actress wasn’t part of the project.

Initially, Priyamani was roped in to play the lead of the movie in 2013 but she walked out of the project for some undisclosed reasons. Later, the makers roped in another actress for the movie and completed the shooting after almost four years. Now, they are using Priyamani’s image in the teaser and the logo alleges the actress.

The name of the actress who replaced Priyamani is unknown and there are no details available about the actress after she came into the project. In the recent times, Priyamani isn’t much seen in the films, especially in Telugu movies. However, Priyamani has a couple of television shows and in one of the dance reality shows, Priyamani is acting one of the judges.