Priya-Prakash-Varrier---Wink-Girl-Gets-Her-First-TrollPriya Prakash Varrier has become a star with that one video and if anyone doubted that, these trolls added her to the list of stars. It is quite common that the star actresses are trolled often on one or the other issue, and having been trolled on her dress, Priya too might have just got added to the list of star heroines.

The actress appeared in a pretty black long gown at Asianet Awards 2018 and she looked as beautiful as a doll. But it is the way she carried the dress is what she is being trolled for. The Oru Adaar Love actress couldn’t hold her dress herself as she walked on the red carpet. She needed a helper to manage the heavy gown.

As seen in the video, an assistant was older her gown as the actress walks around with her love interest in the film. Trolls teased of the instant fame that she got and that she couldn’t manage her own gown and obviously can’t handle her stardom. Arent the trolls too early for a budding star?. After all, she is only a movie old. Once one enters the film filed, whether or not you handle the gown properly, actresses need to handle such trolls well to sustain in the industry.