Mallesham-Prime-NetflixWhile digital media has become the secondary source for the filmmakers to make more money, Amazon Prime has been a boon to many small and big films that didn’t even see much appreciation in terms of money or name. But wonder why they didn’t want to stream the critically acclaimed biopic, Mallesham.

Mallesham is definitely not a commercial outing but is one of those small content-driven films that received a lot of appreciation from a group of audience and even got its level of a decent run.

But Amazon Prime which streamed a lot of junk rejected a feel-good movie like Mallesham as the director reveals.

Speaking in an interview, the director Raj Rachakonda said that he approached Prime with his film where they said Mallesham is not a commercial film and that they have already bought Hippi which is why they cant take Mallesham for streaming.

Well, the director wonders why and we do too. Netflix bought it anyway and is going to stream the Priyadarshi starrer on the 20th of this month.