RRR Movie USA Ticket Pricing Baahubali pricesRRR is getting the biggest release for any Indian film in the USA. The Rajamouli directorial is set to release in over 999 multiplexes across the USA, as announced by the distributors.

Another interesting development is that RRR’s USA distributors have avoided a big blunder that was previously committed by Baahubali’s distributors.

As in the case of Baahubali 2, the tickets for the premiere shows were priced at over $30. The ticket prices even went up to $40 in a few locations. This sparked an outrage of sorts and there was even a notion to boycott the film over the unreasonably high ticket fares. Analysts opine that the film might have collected a considerably bigger amount had the ticket fares been priced in a more economic manner.

Now, RRR’s distributors have taken more of a consumer-friendly approach. Despite RRR being one of the most anticipated films in Indian cinema, the ticket fares in the USA are capped at an affordable limit.

The tickets for RRR’s premieres(Telugu version) have been priced at $25(adult), $18(child) at regular screens and $28(adult), $20(child) at large format screens. The tickets for the Imax and Dolby Vision screens will cost $30 and $35 respectively. As for the regular shows, the fares are $22(adult) – regular screen, $25(adult) – large format, $30(adult) – Imax, $35(adult) – Dolby Vision.

RRR’s ticket fares are capped at a significantly low price when compared to that of Baahubali 2’s. This might well help RRR record more footfalls and thus rake up big revenues at the box office, given the sky high buzz surrounding the film. RRR hits the silver screens on 7th January 2022.

RRR Vs Baahubali 2 Telugu pricing comparison below.

RRR Vs Baahubali 2 Hindi, Tamil, Kannada pricing comparison below.