Yash-KGF-2Yash’ name has become a big one in the film industry nationally with KGF and the actor along with the team have had enjoyed the huge fame and success of the first part and here comes the hardest part to do the second part with the sky-high expectations. So here is what the pressure on Yash to get the better version of the sequel.

Revealing if he feels any pressure coming from KGF 1, the actor agrees he does feel a lot of pressure but he enjoys beating that by doing the best. Now it is not an easy task but the actor says they are going to adjust a few things in the second part according to the feedback that they got for the first one.

The film went into the nerves of the local audience because of the dialogues and when they are dubbed obviously the originality missed for some punch lines in the other languages. This is going to be adjusted and taken care more as now they know the reach and expectations in other languages too for KGF 2.

The budget is risen up, the sets, the cast, and the locations everything is going to get better owing to the success its prequel received as the hero says. The pressure is what motivates him to break the records set by KGF 1 with the second part according to Yash. That is the attitude of an achiever for sure. But luck should also favor sometimes. Let’s see.