Pressure on Allu Arjun to Stay IndoorsAfter yesterday’s announcements from Ram Charan and Varun Tej testing positive for COVID-19 positive, quarantined and hoping to recover very soon; there is immense pressure on Allu Arjun to stay indoors and not take unnecessary risk.

Almost every big mega hero in the mega family tested coronavirus positive and started off with Chiru though it was said to be false-positive and then, Ram Charan and Varun Tej. In this situation, Allu Sirish posted important and useful messages on his Twitter wall.

In the series of messages, he reiterated the importance of using Ayurvedic medicine feeling that it would help mega fans. But, this could be followed by his brother Allu Arjun. In the present situation, both Ram Charan and Varun Tej were infected.

So, the stylish star’s fans would like him to be more careful and if possible, follow the same ayurvedic tips that Allu Sirish said that kept him safe along with some good luck.