Pressure Mounting on SS Rajamouli Son KartikeyaBy now, everyone might have noticed that Rajamouli has a good looking son named SS Kartikeya. He was also one of the main factors for getting the magnum opus Baahubali together and worked very hard and has assisted his dad for over four years now.

Everyone knows that he will surely follow his father’s footsteps and will do something in the film industry only. But what is that he will be doing in films? Will he end up doing a film as the leading hero or will he become a director like his father?

There were certain reports that he will surely be making his debut as an actor but that news too was rubbished aside by the family temporarily.

In all these assumptions, one thing is very sure that whatever he does will be watched with a close eye. There will be a huge scrutiny not only in the south but also pan India on performance on whatever he chooses to do .

Rajamouli has set the standards so high that it will be very difficult to reach them and everyone is of the opinion that whatever Karthikeya chooses he needs to be extra careful and plan stuff in advance as it’s not so easy to reach the standards set by his family.