Pressure Mounting on Amazon Prime to Release It

KGF-Amazon-PrimeKGF is having a dream run in the theatres and it also had a re-release in the United States. This is enough to say about the craze the movie has earned. Audiences are immensely liking the movie and if there is a demand from Amazon Prime members for KGF to stream on the digital platform, it can be understood.

Nowadays, every new film, whether big or small is coming on Amazon Prime within four weeks of its release. KGF is still in the theatres but the demand for the movie is very high. Folks on the digital platform tried to explain the pounding request of the members. Their explanations didn’t satisfy the audiences who want KGF on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime concerned people chose to respond on the demand asking a question, “You all want KGF. But, do you know about what KGF wants?” However, they gave a hint that the movie will be available on the digital platform in this week at any time while it is still in demand in the theatres, as well. Finally, it is coming and be rest assured folks.

Latest update: KGF will be streamed on Prime on 5th Feb onwards.

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