Sekhar Master - Sai PallaviChoreographer Shekhar master heaped tons of praises on Sai Pallavi for making the song ‘Saaranga Dariya’ a blockbuster hit within 24 hours of its release. The music scored by Pawan was superb but it’s Sai Pallavi‘s dance that took the dance number to another level, opined Shekhar master.

He compared her dance to a peacock’s dance, graceful and beautiful. No one can contradict the choreographer when he said that Sai Pallavi is every choreographer’s delight. Before the making of the song, pressure mounted on him because there would be high expectations when it’s Sai Pallavi’s dance number.

Shekhar master also gave a heads up about a rain song and speculated that that song also is going to hog the limelight once it’s released. Well, a rain song in ‘Love Story’ means more than one can ask for. So far, all three songs released created a great buzz for the movie.

The fourth song might escalate the buzz to the next level. We are expecting to see Naga Chaitanya also taking the lead alongside Sai Pallavi in the movie as love stories have equal importance for both the male and the female lead.