Actor and brother of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan Nagababu, has finally reacted to all the rumors that are being carried out in a nonstop manner in media. He has said that Pawan Kalyan has not met anyone like mentioned in the media and neither is he interested in joining any political party as is being reported. He has also reportedly asked the fans to not care about such false news and getting worried as a result.

There have been reports from the past many days that actor Pawan Kalyan has met Balakrishna and Ramoji Rao and has expressed interest in joining TDP. There have also been reports that even Nagababu wanted to join the party and wanted an MP seat too. In some quarters even names were being speculated about the possible places where Nagababu could be given chance. With the actor’s official condemnation all this rumors have been put on hold temporarily.

Naga Babu Press Note