Press note from Jana Sena office

Ever since Pawan delivered that emotional speech and welcomed by fans and public there are several positive and negative debates going on in electronic media. Media houses are trying to bring in the heads of fans associations to speak on behalf of Jana Sena since the party hasn’t assigned an official spokes person yet. Pawan thought this could send wrong signals to public and the views expressed by them not necessarily from his party. To put a stop to this Pawan’s office issued a press note says Pawan Kalyan is the only official spokes person of Jana Sena party. Read the press note below.

Press Note from Jana Sena office:

“This is to inform that Mr. Pawan Kalyan is the only authorized spokesman of Jana Sena Party. All media organizations may kindly note that in media interactions and discussions, no other person is authorized to represent Jana Sena Party.”