Special Show To Decide The Fate Of Jawaan

Premiere Show To Decide The Fate Of JawaanJawaan team has done what is naturally expected from any sensible movie-making unit, and it is helping its cause without any doubt. But have taken the same care with the last and final step as well or not?

First of all, we look at things that they did right. Initially, Jawaan was slated to come in August. Remember the triangular clash, Jawaan was initially announced to be part of that. A sensible decision was taken, and the movie pushed to September 1st. As another biggie was slated to release on same time, they put the release on hold.

Secondly, the Jawaan team saw the footage and worked on few errors. After finalizing everything, a new date was announced, free of any competition and also giving enough time to promote. The result of which would be seen on December 1st. The care mentioned above can be taken for any movie, but usually, people lose interest and only think of getting to cinemas as soon as possible and get rid of it.

Now, coming to the fate-changing decision of having a premiere show before release. In the past, several films have succeeded this way, but there equally examples of movies where the premieres backfired. We can only know whether this decision is right or wrong only in hindsight. One thing is for sure, the fate of Jawaan would be altered once the show is over. Let’s see if the makers of Sai Dharam Tej starrer have got the decision spot on or not?

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