premiere-bruceeleeUnlike in Bollywood, Tollywood film makers didn’t entertain the premiere culture where special screenings were held exclusively for select celebs to spread positive mouth of talk and promote their films using big names. But in Tollywood, afraid of the negative talk that might spoil the openings, film makers don’t prefer premieres.

Recently we have seen that Ram Charan’s ‘Bruce Lee’ had a premier show but that proved fatal to the movie as it spread negative talk and spoiled the opening day collections of the movie. In spite of this, Kamal Haasan is going to hold two premiere shows of ‘Cheekati Rajyam’ in Telugu States; one in Vijayawada and the other in Hyderabad.

And he is inviting CMs to the premiere shows besides stars like Venkatesh, Rana, K. Vishwanath and others who are yet to confirm to arrive for the special screenings. Here Kamal Haasan has an advantage. The Tamil version of the movie ‘Thoongavanam’ has garnered positive word of mouth and is having a consistent run at the box-office.