Prema Katha Chitram – An analysis

Sudheer Babu’s PKC is not your usual run-of-the-mill type love stories. It’s a neatly executed multiple genre film, that’s backed by some natural performances. The film doesn’t have a hero figure but throws limelight on all the four lead characters, who share equal screen space.

The story basically tracks what happens between four friends, who visit a remote farmhouse to commit mass suicide.

Director Prabhakar Reddy merges different genres to ensure that the film doesn’t belong to any particular genre. While the first half is a tad slow, but it is after the interval that the film picks up momentum.

Performances by the lead cast, especially Nanditha and Saptagiri, are brilliant and highly entertaining, Sudheer may be the hero, but occasionally do we get to see him flaunt the hero tag. Instead, he becomes the pick of most rollicking moments that are aptly backed by the supporting cast.

One of the advantages of this film is its running time, which is nearly two hours. For a film that totally rests on four relatively new faces, it was essential that the film was not long. Because had it been longer, it would’ve have certainly irked the audiences.

The director mixes sarcasm and double meaning dialogues in equal proportions to entertain all categories of the audience. While there is occasional humour, there are some chills and thrills too spread across the entire running time.

The film fails miserably at the climax, owing to a run-of-the-mill type of reveal of the suspense. These are the moments that kill a relatively good film. It is at this juncture that you start losing the respect you had built for a movie.

PKC is an entertaining watch the first time, but having learnt the suspense, it becomes an awful second watch.