Pregnancy Is A Pain: SamanthaSamantha faced a whole lot of untoward hate during the ChaySam divorce saga. An individual went on to comments that Samantha was against pregnancy and that is the reason behind the divorce. Samantha refuted all these baseless hurtful comments and even moved the court against the same.

Now, in one of her recent interactions with media, Samantha commented about pregnancy and the pain that is associated with it.

“Women are really strong. The most painful procedure in the world is giving birth. Women go through the most painful procedure during childbirth. But at the end of it, after facing all the pain, a woman smiles after seeing her child.” Samantha said.

Samantha’s moving comment about pregnancy and the painful procedure associated with it could be considered as an indication of how much she values it. This could also be a slap on the face who commented about her pregnancy.