Pre-Biz: Only Blockbuster WOM Can Save PushpaPushpa – The Rise has had an excellent craze among the buyers, and it is reflected in the pre-release business done so far. It is top tier as it comes in the combination of Allu Arjun and Sukumar, whose last flicks respectively were Industry Hits (Non-Baahubali). It is also why the units of RRR, Radhe Shyam and Acharya will be keenly looking at Pushpa’s fate at the box office.

The pre-release theatrical business of Pushpa – The Rise is valued at around 135 Cr. Among that, the Telugu states are close to 110 Cr. The Nizam rights are 40 Cr, whereas the rest is cumulative for various regions in Andhra Pradesh.

As there are no issues in the Nizam area, the amount reflects the market strength and craze on the product. Its recovery is possible (or not) with the talk the movie gets. It is how things have been before and after the corona.

However, ticket prices are a major issue when it comes to Andhra Pradesh. A recovery of 60 Cr or more from the various territories of AP looks impossible.

Yes, Akhanda is doing well and will be in recovery zone in the coming few days, but its business is not on the same level as Pushpa. Akhanda’s pre-biz for the Andhra Pradesh territories is close to 36 Cr. And so far, only one area is in the profit zone (Nellore).

If Pushpa has everything the same as Akhanda (no hikes, no benefit shows, average talk), it would be impossible to recover the prices that it is bought for.

Pushpa also has the advantage of first biggie (from the top league), which would translate into excellent openings. Even if it sustains for the weekend irrespective of the talk, there will still be a long road ahead for it to recover its price.

Akhanda has shown that audience is ready to come in numbers. It has opened the flood gates. However, Pushpa’s box office performance will be on the mind of RRR, Radhe Shyam and Acharya’s unit. The last two biggies business is on the same level as Pushpa, making them more curious and nervous about Pushpa than others. Pushpa hits cinemas worldwide on December 17th.

It is why one thinks only a blockbuster word of mouth can save Pushpa theatrically. Do you believe Pushpa can recover its high prices with any other talk?