Decent Success but Struggling to Announce NextDirector Praveen Sattaru has joined the ‘Baahubali’ wen series team to co-direct the web series along with Rajamouli and Dev Katta. The first season of the web series would comprise nine episodes and it will be in the Hindi language. Praveen Sattaru is five films old and has delivered a decent success with his last film ‘PSV Garuda Vega’.

He gave a hit to the struggling hero Rajasekhar after a long time but now he is struggling to announce his next movie as a director. There had been a buzz in the recent past that he had creative differences about Ram’s upcoming movie that supposed to go on to the floors. It was said to be shelved altogether.

Now, the director has become the co-director for Baahubali web series. Does that mean there is no movie from Praveen Sattaru in the near future? No one knows at this point. But, the director’s aggressive nature is quite evident from his recent interviews and interactions with the media. Is it causing the producers to back away?