Pratinidhi is the new film of actor Nara Rohit. He is coming with a film after some gap and is looking to continue making sensible films like Baanam and Solo. His last film unfortunately wasn’t up to the mark but one feels the actor is back with a vengeance in the form of Pratinidhi which deals with politics.

Politics is a tricky subject and if it hits the right chord it could generate very good revenue at the box office. Director Prasanth Mandava who is making his debut with the film seems to have got the blend right if one looks at the trailer. He looks to have woven a neat political pot boiler on the current state of political affairs in the state which are at an all time low and through the character of Nara Rohit he seems to have represented the angst of the common people in the state. One has to wait and see how the common audience connects to this character.

However one would also wish that it shouldn’t become an agenda based movie to push a particular party through its lead character. It might then have a negative effect as opposed to a positive one and entire thing could backfire. In the past these politically charged movies have been a great success recipe let’s see if Pratinidhi joins those ranks or not.

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