Neel Creating Needless Pressure on KGF 2 TrailerKGF 2 banks on the solid platform built by the first part, KGF. The action-packed teaser of KGF 2 that was released a long while ago received a stellar reception from the audience and the fact that it clocked 240+ million views proves the same. However, the long delay in the release has resulted in depletion in the buzz surrounding KGF 2.

For some odd reason, the makers of KGF 2 took the pedal off the promotions. Even Yash hadn’t been promoting the film. Consequently, there isn’t as much anticipation surrounding KGF 2 amongst the common public. The makers appear to have placed the burden on the trailer, which will be out on 27th March.

As a result, the stakes are exceptionally high on the trailer. If KGF 2’s trailer matches the expectations and rejuvenates the hype surrounding the film, then it all good. But if doesn’t pack a punch, it could further deplete the buzz surrounding the film.

The director, Prashanth Neel, and the makers have put a whole lot of pressure on the trailer and this is not the wisest of moves. All they can hope for now is that the trailer does the job and it rejuvenates the buzz on the film.