In a recent chat with renowned actor Prakash Raj, we learned a lot about his life and work. The actor who will be seen next in the films Zanjeer and Bhaag Milikha Bhaag says that he loves his life and respects himself a lot. The actor, who changed his name from Prakash Rai to Prakash Raj so that he is not discriminated over caste issues, loves and respects his mother a lot and says that he will always remain indebted to her as she managed to raise him and her entire family alone.

The actor, who divorced his first wife Lata a few years back and married a choreographer Pony Verma, said that his daughters are daughters, with ex-wife Lata, are fine with his decision. He also talked about his son who died when he was only 5 years old and said that he can never forget him. His death taught him to take his life more seriously.pavani-reddy