Prakash Raj Proved Manchu Vishnu Right Prakash Raj who lost in the election to Movie Artists Association (MAA) Presidential Elections have resigned for his Primary Membership of the association. Prakash Raj blamed the voters indirectly for getting influenced by Local – Non-Local agenda.

“It is clear that Regionalism has defeated me. People have thought I am not one among them. There is no meaning in staying as a Member of MAA if the members feel I am not among them. I will continue to do Telugu films but can not be a part of this association,” Prakash Raj said.

During his election campaign, Vishnu Manchu repeatedly mentioned that Prakash Raj will take first flight out of Hyderabad if defeated and only people like him (locals) will stay back and fight for the issues pertaining to the industry. Prakash Raj’s resignation proved Vishnu right.

It is known to our readers that Nagababu who supported Prakash Raj Panel in this election also resigned to his MAA membership on similar grounds.