Prakash Raj Invokes YSR Congress into MAA Elections!Prakash Raj seems to be still fighting over the MAA elections. This morning, he has alleged that some Rowdy Sheeters have threatened the voters on the voting day and demanded that the CCTV footage should be given to let the world know what happened.

He posted a picture of a person who is seen at the Polling Station on the voting day. He also posted pictures of the same person with Mohanbabu, Vishnu, and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. A list of pending criminal cases on him is also attached.

Meanwhile, election officer Krishna Mohan has responded to the issue. “My duty is completed with the conduct of the election. Now, Vishnu has to make a decision if or not to release the CCTV footage. I would have acted if a complaint is made on the polling day. But there are no complaints that day,” Krishna Mohan said.

But when there is a complaint on himself why would Vishnu permit? It is like cutting the branch he sitting on. Meanwhile, a few netizens are advising Prakash Raj to move on from the issue. “The elections are done and dusted. There is a winning side and a losing side. Just move on,” they are advising the actor.