Prakash Raj Has No Respect For Industry Elders?Prakash Raj is the first artist to come forward and announced contesting for MAA President post for the next term. He has called for a media conference during the COVID second wave and also announced his panel of members. He also started garnering support and attending media debates announcing his agenda.

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It has been decided in the past that MAA elections will be held in September whenever the elections are due. Even though it is a long way to go, Prakash Raj started the Hungama which prompted the other contestants to come out and announce their candidature.

There is a war-like situation in the association even though the elections are a long way to go. Now, Prakash Raj has taken to Twitter and asks ‘When is the election?’. After all that Hungama he unleashed, this has turned to be a joke. The actor previously struggled to say the total number of members in MAA in his first press meet, now he does not even know when the elections will happen.

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Just because Prakash Raj is eager, the rules can not be bypassed, he should learn. This over-action will only hamper the efforts of industry biggies who are trying to resolve the deadlock and save the image of MAA by ensuring a unanimous election.