Prakash-Raj-Complaint-on-Website,-Co-Founder-ArrestedThere is a notable transition happening in the life of Prakash Raj as he is slowly turning a politician from an actor. He is actively criticizing those he felt were wrong and also promoting himself as a responsible citizen who can address the issues of the public if he is actively into politics.

In this scenario, the co-founder of a website, Postcard News was arrested after Prakash Raj filed a complaint with the police on the website for purposefully maligning his image by posting articles that are personal and derogatory in nature.

This attack started after Prakash Raj began voicing his opinion on Gouri Lankesh’s brutal murder alleging Modi’s hand in the entire episode. Eventually, several articles were written personally attacking the actor. Finally, Prakash Raj decided to take the issue to the Cyber Police and an FIR was registered on the owners of the website.